Membership Benefits

Active Membership

Any firm, partnership or corporation who has met the requirements of the states of South Carolina and Georgia, whose business record is consistent with the code of ethics and whose members are in sympathy with the purpose of this ASSOCIATION-providing that one member of said firm has been engaged in structural pest control work conntected with a firm for one or more years- may be accepted for membership. Each new membership shall be probationary for a period of six months minimum time.

Allied Membership

Any person, firm or corporation not engaged in pest control service work but who manufactures, supplies, products, equipment or other materials to the pest control industry, shall be eligible for allied membership. Allied members shall not have voting power and shall not be eligible to hold a elected office. In addition, sales representative will be limited to a five-minute presentation at any meeting, except when written notice has been provided to the ASSOCIATION no less than sixty-days before a scheduled meeting. No non member shall be allowed any presentation time unless Board approved.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership shall be conferred to any person who has performed outstanding service to the pest control industry. Such honorary shall not be required to pay any dues or assessments.

Branch and/or affiliated offices. Each active membership, except as hereinafter qualified or amended, shall be entitled to one vote on all matters requiring vote of the membership. Each firm shall authorize one member representative to vote on behalf of the member. In the case of any corporation, firm, or partnership having more than one office or branch or the organizational setup is such as to involve holding-company or interlocking financial interest, such organizational set up shall be entitled to up to two memberships for two branches of the same company, provided two dues are paid for the two votes. Each Company shall register with the Secretary, prior to any meeting, the name of the person and/or alternate for each, to be entitled to a vote.

Dues and Assessments


5 or less employees is $75.00

6 to 10 employees is $85.00

11 to 20 employees is $95.00

Companies with 21 or more employees is $135.00


$100.00 (per member per year)

All dues are payable in advance - from July 1st to June 30th, the term of our calendar year.

All applications shall be in writing and on forms provided by the association. Applications shall be accompanied by letter of transmittal on applicant's stationary. If membership is accepted by the Board, trade dues must be paid in accordance with ARTICLE HI-SECTION FIVE of the CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS.